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Custom Display Objects

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Custom Display Objects

Creatine provides some custom display objects that you can use in your games. Notice that, all components here implement the layout method (with exception to the discrete bar), thus you can use them inside a sizer to make them resize automatically.

Progress Bars

You can easily create progress bars using Creatine, choosing the axis between horizontal and vertical; and filling it with a full color, with a gradient or with an image.

To create a new progress bar, use:

var progress = new creatine.ProgressBar(


  • colorsOrImg can be:

    • A string with color, e.g.: '#FF0033'. In this case, the whole bar will be filled with the same color;
    • A list of colors, e.g.: ['#0000FF', '#FF0000']. In this case, the bar will be filled with a gradient passing through all colors in the list;
    • A Bitmap. In this case, the bitmap will be used to fill the bar;
  • backgroundColor is the background color, e.g.: '#000000';

  • direction is the direction that progress bar will grow, it can assume the following values: creatine.LEFT_TO_RIGHT, creatine.RIGHT_TO_LEFT, creatine.BOTTOM_TO_TOP or creatine.TOP_TO_BOTTOM. Using this, you can define if the bar is horizontal or vertical.

  • width is the width in pixels;

  • height is the height in pixels;

  • min is the minimum value of the bar;

  • max is the maximum value of the bar;

Discrete Bar

If you need a progress bar filled with an image, where it only can assume discrete values (e.g., the lives of a character) or you need to specify the spacing between the images, you can use the DiscreteBar:

var progress = new creatine.DiscreteBar(

Notice that, the DiscreteBar is very simple compared to the progress bar, accepting only the image as a bitmap, the spacing as an integer, and the direction constant.

Flexible Bitmap

The FlexBitmap inherit the createjs.Bitmap and add the method layout to it, allowing the bitmap expanding according to the sizer.

To create a flexible bitmap, you can use:

var bitmap = new creatine.FlexBitmap(imageOrUri, scaleMode);


  • imageOrUri is the source object or URI to an image to display. Consult createjs.Bitmap to more information.

  • scaleMode is the constant that describes how the bitmap will expand. This can be:

    • creatine.STRETCH to fill the whole available area, ignoring the aspect ratio of the image;
    • creatine.FIT to fill the available area keeping the aspect ratio of the image. This does not overflow the area size;
    • creatine.FILL to fill the available area completely, keeping the aspect ratio of the image. This do overflow the are size;
    • creatine.NOSCALE to keep the original image size;

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